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The Top 10 Lessons for Life from Adventures on a Bicycle

In my teens I derived enormous pleasure and excitement from cycling, riding
a roadbike primarily in "All Creatures Great and Small" country in
England. There was the triumph of conquering a steep hill for the first time, the thrill of the descent on narrow roads where vehicles were unexpected - and the terror when, all of a sudden, from nowhere…!

A few years ago I rediscovered cycling which is now one of the four components of my fitness program. In the same way as my experiences in the mountains on foot have become in hindsight a compendium of homespun wisdom, so too have my adventures on two wheels. I hope that linking life in its broader perspective to this pursuit will help you build bridges to potential clients and others you would like to meet in the cycling community.

1. There are many types of bike available today, roadbikes, mountain bikes,
hybrids, BMXs and superficially, many of each type look equal:
In everything, be able to see beyond the paintwork and recognise

2. Recognise the type of bike which meets your needs and match the
characteristics and quality to your planned riding environment:

Every job is easier and can be done faster or better when you have the
right tools.

3. If the size of the bike you choose is inappropriate you will never be
able ride efficiently or in comfort. Regardless of whether the saddle is too
high or low, it still make your eyes water!

Even quality equipment is useless unless it fits well!

4. Having bought the right sized bike, know how to set the saddle and
handlebar position, up or down, forward or back, to fit your limb length for
maximum power and riding comfort. Leverage the power of quality equipment by learning how to use it for maximum effectiveness.

5. Do you really need 27 gear ratios? Did anyone ever mention simplicity?
The more you have, the more time is spent on repairs and maintenance,
the more weight you carry and the more energy is expended on reaching your
target. Is that really what you want?

6. Pedalling after a puncture is brutally hard work and destroys your tires.
Know when stopping to take stock and make repairs if necessary will
enable you to reach your life's goal faster.

7. Carry a puncture repair kit or spare inner tube and be aware that both
are useless without a bicycle pump or air supply. Be aware of the critical dependencies in your life and work and ensure none are overlooked.

8. Minimise your air resistance except when the wind is behind you.
Know when to sit tall and make yourself like a sail to be swept along
effortlessly. Know when to hunker down into the most aerodynamic position
you can find to pierce that headwind.

9. In my teens our rides always took us to the where the hills were
steepest. Once climbing there was only one socially acceptable way to
dismount: fall-off when it became impossible to turn the pedals anymore!
Which of your ingrained customs or beliefs is it time to review and

10. All your equipment is useless without the muscle to push it.
Be prepared for your journey in terms of nutrition of the mind and the
body and the conditioning of both.

About the submitter:
This piece was written by Martin Sawdon who can be reached at or visited on the web at

Martin has a special interest in people in the workplace and the creation of Sustainable Workplaces, corporations which are extraordinarily profitable, extraordinarily effective if public sector but get there by growing people rather than consuming them like a fossil fuel. He coaches clients with integrity and great senses of humor, who are determined to realize achievements beyond their wildest dreams.

Coaching-Works! has been featured on radio and television.

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