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The Top 10 Indicators of being in the Wrong Job

Have you ever polled those around you to determine whether they are happy in their work? Try it by all means but be prepared for a shock; if you are enjoying job satisfaction you are one of a small elite. Imagine how much better a place the world would be if we all loved our work! The first step of course is recognizing that we are in the wrong job. Here's how:

1. Do I only sleep well when I am not working the next day?

2. Do I readily find excuses to go to work late?

3. Does the telephone handset weigh a hundred pounds?

4. Do I sit at my desk or workstation wishing I were somewhere else?

5. Is laughter absent from my life at work?

6. Do I consistently take overly long lunch breaks?

7. Do I have lots of bright ideas about my life outside of work but none for
the workplace?

8. For my multiple trips to the bathroom during the workday, do I always
take something unrelated to work to read?

9. Has my health deteriorated, do I suffer from headaches and stomachaches
which my doctor tells me have no other cause?

10. And to close on a lighter note, has hair loss caused by head-scratching
been a problem lately?

About the submitter:
This piece was written by Martin Sawdon who can be reached at or visited on the web at

Martin has a special interest in people in the workplace and the creation of Sustainable Workplaces, corporations which are extraordinarily profitable, extraordinarily effective if public sector but get there by growing people rather than consuming them like a fossil fuel. He coaches clients with integrity and great senses of humor, who are determined to realize achievements beyond their wildest dreams.

Coaching-Works! has been featured on radio and television.

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